Monday, 10 May 2010

Arts and crafts sessions at Slade Library

This morning, we went to the last Toddler Arts and Crafts session run at Slade library before the refurbishment. The library will stay open until 29th May and then will be moving into the Slade hall next door while work is undertaken in the library. The toddler rhyme time held on Tuesdays will continue until the 29th so please carry on going to that.
The librarians Chris, Chris and ? always made the sessions fun and who can ever forget their renditions of Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Wheels on the Bus, Flying spaceman and so many more. They were amazingly good natured with the children who don't always pay attention and they managed to ensure there was a different activity each month for them to do...even if it was the parents that ended up doing much of the colouring, cutting and glueing (sound familiar?).
So a big thank you to them and a special thanks to Chris (in the picture telling a story) who will be retiring...a huge loss to the community.
I'm sorry about the awful picture but I was grabbing it quickly mid-story! While sometimes it's hard to talk to parents you only meet once a month, the group that went were very friendly and included dads on occasions which was great and both tot and I will miss it. I hope when they resume they will be as good.

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