Friday, 28 May 2010

Are you a Mumzilla?

Just read an article on the beeb Is Mumzilla Competing at the School Gates.
I haven't got to the school gates yet but have certainly come across the competitiveness at toddler groups and when groups of mothers come together. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised as a person quoted in the article saying the phenomenon is worse in SE England.
So are you a mumzilla or dadzilla?

P.s. to my local mum friends...I don't mean YOU, honest I don't xxx

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PlumBun said...

i think to some extent there must be some Mumzilla in all of us. I find myself saying "charlie did xyz" without thinking but also being negative or highlighting the less than perfect antics of my tod. I think sometimes I am so amazed that tod can do something you forget that what you see as relief etc can come across as boasting..Mind you I do know a fair few parents who do constantly chart their children's successes and daily activities in such a way that it makes me so critical of their offspring all i can see is faults!!
i think SE London parents are more chilled (earthy/artistic leanings perhaps) than North London Mums though!!