Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Garden centre sucker?

I know clothes and food shops place items near the entrances to encourage consumers into buying them. Does the same apply to garden centres like Thomsons? Every time I go there I end up buying a plant. This weekend I went to buy some horse manure to put around the poor plants in my garden and -SLURP- sucker me bought another plant. It's very pretty and it's called a c something Lena. I know nowt about gardening so I hope it grows out there.
I swear, next time I go to Thomsons, I'm taking a limited amount of dosh and no credit cards. I have no sodding willpower. Thank goodness they aren't open late in the evenings (except Friday which is Pizza Night at chez Plummy Mummy so no time for green fingerstuff).


hilly said...

hi plummy mummy - if you need any more fertiliser, the farm sell manure too, although sometimes you have to shovel it yourself, and provide your own bag too... no expensive customer traps there, although it can get a bit messy.

Plummy Mummy said...

errr hilly is it fresh manure? I may give that a miss. The thomson one is somehow not smelly. Hopefully the one bag I bought will be enough to safeguard some of my plants from the damn heat.
And no matter what people say about B&Q garden centres...some cheapo lupins I got there are looking lovely out in our garden right now and every day attract very fat bumble bees.

hilly said...

ah yes, some of the woodlands stuff is quite fresh and funky - but sometimes it's broken down properly and safe to use.