Saturday, 12 June 2010

Souless shoe shopping

Picture the scene: mum, tot and granny visit mass chain shoe shop to get tot measured and provisioned with new shoes. Along comes a "trained shoe fitter".
TSF: "You need to take both shoes off as the sizes will be different". Turns out they are both the same.
Mum: "We want to try on y, x, and x"
TSF: "Y came in yesterday, they are the latest" (Mum thinks good but why in the heck are they white, so impractical). Tot tries on a few pairs as souless surly humourless TSF takes off shoes and commands tot to walk which she duly does. Turns out the training wasn't complete as the size is wrong and tot is made to wear a slightly wider pair. Mum brings along a pair off the sale rack. Considering the rate of foot growth, mum feels saving dosh is worthwhile
TSF: "Those are boys shoes you know"
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, just cos they are blue. Why can't girls wear blue...Mum is in fact clad in blue from head to toe and is now determined to buy the blue shoes regardless of the other choices. Any QI viewer knows that blue was the traditional colours for girls, and pink for boys. Admittedly, the TSF did relent and admit blue was a good choice for nursery. Off trot mum, tot and granny with blue shoes in hand and go to another chain where you can pick up shoes from shelves.
Sparkly shoes cheer up mum and tot is delighted. 4 days on tot will not wear anything else. Blue shoes will be seen at nursery where mum doesn't give a fig if they get dirty unlike all the previous carefully selected, impractical girlies colours she bought before.

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