Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fun Factory - for dads/males carers and their kids

Ooooh a fun factory and it's something specifically for dads/male carers and their kids who are aged 0-8 years.

A wee late notice for tonight but it happens on the 1st Thursday of each month during term times, 6-8pm.

The venue:
Charlton School, Charlton Park Road, London, SE7 8HX

Tonight's session was meant to include a puppet maker but unfortunately, that has been cancelled, however there will be story telling by the Early Year's Librarian and those attending will receive a bookstart start pack.

For more information contact Marc James,
Tel: 020 8921 2768, email:


PlumBun said...

What a good concept. I wonder how much attendance they get from Dads with younger children though. My husband doesn't get back from the office until 7pm each day and I'm guessing that those stay at home Dads or those that work flexible hours are searching for things to do in the daytime.
Also quite a few of the things I go to have Dads there. Is this just for Dads (she says wondering what people would say if there was a Mums only event)...
Or is it a booze up and no kids invited!!

Plummy Mummy said...

The thought of pissed up dads making puppets is quite a funny one!
Actually it's a bit sexist as I'm sure some mums who work would also like to attend. Though you could argue that a lot of toddler groups are more targeted to mums and it's nice to have one thing for dads.
The bloke who organises it works for Greenwich council as a Dad's outreach worker so I'm assuming it's for dads.