Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Anti-snoring programme - the next stage

Last year I wrote about the issue of living with a snorer.
In Aug '09, I posted about the surgery Mr Plummy Mummy had to correct a deviated septum. That was the first stage of his surgical anti-snoring programme. On Monday this week, he had stage 2: tonsillectomy and uvulopalatoplasty (no, not a vuvezela).
It was a day surgery - in at Noon, home by 9pm. The drugs did work for a bit but now the pain has set in and he is sitting limpid on the sofa trying to not to shout too much during the footie matches. Watching him trying to swallow is hard as he's in such pain. Even jelly going down hurts.
The purpose of this stage is to remove some mass from the back of his neck so that he can breathe easier when lying down and therefore, snore less. That's the theory. I haven't been in the main bedroom this week, having taking to sleeping elsewhere so I don't have to see the poor man suffer.
I daresay I will be sleeping elsewhere for some time if I don't do my part and lose some weight which I believe makes me snore like a querulous walrus.

P.S. in that august post I also wrote about losing a baby. We are no closer to another but now that our's has hit the terrible 2s, I'm a tiny bit pleased only to deal with one.


The Fat Controller said...

Post op tonsil discomfort is something most people my age know all to well. It was almost mandatory to have them removed in the 60s.

2 words: Ice cream, Lots of ice cream.

BTW I really enjoying your blog.

A. Neighbour up the road in Welling.

Plummy Mummy said...

Mandatory to have a bit of you ripped out even if they are healthy! Blimey.

Thanks. I just had a look at your blogs and will be following your tips for fences as we are about to put one up to!

The Fat Controller said...

Just about every kid I went to school with had theirs out by the age of 14. Must have been a Canadian thing. One nasty sore throat and out they came.

Good luck with the fence. I would suggest not using those post spikes but to dig deep and concrete in the posts.

Plummy Mummy said...

Ah the whole enforced male circumcision (or is that an urban don't have to answer as I realise it's rather personal)!
The posts are in our decking so have been screwed in. We are putting bamboo shielding up rather than panels. We won't sit out on a windy day just in case.

The Fat Controller said...

Its an urban myth. Like most countries, different medical fads come and go. Tonsils, circumcision, breast feeding. One year its do this, next its don't. When my son was born it was out of fashion to get clipped. 2 years later and it was de-rigueur again.

Bamboo shielding on the deck sounds nice. I don't think you'll have any problems with the posts being part of the deck. :-)

Anonymous said...

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