Monday, 21 June 2010

Most Improved Borough?

It's wonderful to see all the lovely front gardens around here which certainly give my amateur gardener eye things to feast on and ideas to nick.
Quite a few houses in the streets around Plumstead Common have been going under refurbs of different sorts. There is lots of scaffolding and men on roofs which tot finds hilarious.
I did try to look up which is London's most improved Borough but had no success. I'm sure that due to the recession and people needing to stay put that this home beautification is going on all over the City.
Now all we need is a swanky cafe, a deli, some boho artists and a posh sports club and we'll be all set to be Royal Borough inhabitants.


Anonymous said...

I would welcome all of those, perhaps not so much the sports club as there are plenty around (hoping that when the school is redone that the new sports hall might be available to other sports clubs in the evenings etc) but a deli, ooh yes please and a cafe and really a restaurant and bar - save us all having to drink in town!

Plummy Mummy said...

oooh a deli that would be nice.