Friday, 25 June 2010

Mad retail policy

I had a bit of a stressful morning trying to get myself and tot ready to pop over to Bluewater to buy some yarn. Now this stress is nothing out of the ordinary...any trip with her involves stress on my part as I cannot believe how long it takes to get ready when you have a tot who does very little to help in the dressing /brushing/grooming process. I might as well have a limp cabbage patch doll.
ANYHOO, after an hour we were on our merry way to a fave dept store John Lewis, to buy some yarn for a blanket I'm making for tot.
We arrive and park really close to the entrance. I walk in a happy daze to the knitting dept and try to find wool. It's not on the shelves, it's been put away for the sale tomorrow and no, I can't have any now even though I am willing to buy it at full price. That's a bit mad if you ask me, surely the shop should be trying to make as much money from their stock as possible.
Soooo, I have to go back tomorrow, on a bleeding saturday, with a bleary eyed tot (we are going to leave early and she may well be in her pjs), waste more fuel (carbon footprint be damned) just so I can buy the stuff in a sale. Assuming it hasn't all be sold before I get there.
Utter madness.


John Lewis Bluewater said...

Hi Plummy Mummy, sorry to see you've had this experience at John Lewis. I hope you don't mind us getting in touch, this has be brought to our attention by our PR team at John Lewis head office. We are happy to send you the item of interest (including free delivery), rather than you having to go into the store again. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us 07764 674509*. Kind regards, Jaimie (Customer Service at John Lewis Bluewater) I'm here until 9pm tonight or from 8am Saturday morning.

Plummy Mummy said...

Hmmm. I was seriously impressed with this. But being the cautious type (esp as there is a mobile number rather than a landline), I decided to call John Lewis in Bluewater to check if there is a Jaimie who works in Customer Service. It appears that there is no such partner listed in either Customer Service or the haberdasery dept.
NOW, this could be a geniune JL response - in which case WOW. OR it could be a fraudster after my debit card details.
If the former, my apologies. If the latter, shame on you.

John Lewis Bluewater said...

Hello. I'm not sure what happened there, this is a genuine John Lewis response. Please try 01322 624123 and ask for extension 4029. Thanks, Jaimie Phillips.

Steve said...

If it turns out to be a spoof, you could always try the dressmaking shop in Charlton (opp. St Luke's Church). They are closing down and have a sale of all their stock on at the moment.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks Steve for the reminder. I will try to get there on Monday.

It turns out it isn't a spoof so all I can say is that even though the sales assistant should have sold me the wool when I went into the store, I think their Customer Service has done a marvellous job of restoring my confidence in the shop.

PlumBun said...

Oh My, that is great customer service. Good old John Lewis