Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eerie sounds in the night

Last night, our sleep was disturbed by foxes making the eeriest sounds, very loudly. I don't know if they were fighting or being amorous but it meant we had to shut our windows to sleep - not so great when it's so hot at night.
I'm also starting to wonder if the poo in my garden is cat poo. Some neighbours have suggested it's fox poo. Last year I planted loads of curry plants in the gar
den to deter cats but we still find the poo which is buried under the surface. The smell is horrendous when it's this hot. This year curry plants have grown really big and give the whole garden a very spicy smell - it's an odd combination spice and poo!
I did read in the local council propaganda rag that white pepper deters foxes so I'm going off to Co-op to get some.

P.S. Another neighbour feeds the foxes. Does this stop them messing about with our bins or make them less concerned about being around humans?


Anonymous said...

That would be the foxes being amorous - sounds like someone being murdered.

Fox poo is distinct from cat poo. Fox poo is bigger, more in lumps and more of a yellowy brown colour and it stinks!

I got a cat poo plant (not the real name obviously!) from Thompsons, smells foul but touch wood haven't seen any cat poo since.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks Anon, those sounds are horrid.
The info on the poo was useful as now I think it must be cat poo in the garden but even that really stinks.
I may try the scaredy cat plant to see if that's any good. I don't like the thought of pulling out the curry leaf plants but if they don't work then I'm going to have to as they are so smelly!

Emma said...

I just came across this (I love lifehacker)

Emma said...

I've commented on the wrong post, obviously!

Fox poo *really* stinks. It makes cat poo seem innocuous.

Bhawana Sanyal said...

Hi PM, do you still have the curry leafplant? Do you cut stem in order to maintain it? Can I have that, I am fond of curry leaves plant but it is costlier online. Let me know if you want to give stems of it...thanks

Plummy Mummy said...

Hiya, No we don't live in Plumstead anymore so don't have the plants. BTW they are not edible curry leaf plants.They are just plants that smell like curry when you brush past them and are defo NOT edible.
For the edible ones, I just go to an indian grocer and get them as they are relatively cheap in the UK