Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Old Mill

If you fancy a pint that's not fancy, then saunter along to the Old Mill.
I went for the first time on friday with tot to meet a mate. The exterior and grubby men smoking outside always put me off and I always thought that it was a bit dodgy having a pub so close to schools but of course, now I realise the pub was probably there first.
I'd love a fancy pub around here but I daresay that would also change the nature of the Common. The Old Mill is not a pub for a girls night out and as far as I could see, did not serve food. It's a local which seems well liked, and the staff were laid back and friendly. Don't be put off by the fact that the inside looks like it hasn't been updated for a few decades or that the wine is served from boxes.
It's an ale house and the light ale I tried was delicious - so much so that I had another half soon after. I think the name was McEllan or summat (real ale drinkers gasp in horror at my lack of knowledge).
We drank in the beer garden outside which again is very basic but I liked the large space for tot to run around chasing her bubbles and the aviary in the corner is bizarre but kept her occupied.
I got a bit annoyed at the man nearby who decided to have a mass swearing match with someone he was on the phone to but luckily it was short lived and he was pretty quiet after that.
The pub has live jazz on the first sunday of each month and I think I'd be happy to meet Mr Plummy Mummy in here for a quick one after he climbs up Griffin Road on his way home from work.

1 Old Mill Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 1QG

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PlumBun said...

It is such a lovely spot for a Pub although in summer can't say I would want to sit on those benches outside! I haven't been in for years though it was always friendly but just didn't offer me what I look for on an evening out. There were a good mix of people in there though. Didn't know about the jazz either. Is it privately owned or still owned by a Brewery (when did the Plumstead Brewery close?)