Sunday, 6 June 2010

Is there a mela?

Each year I end up missing this event as it's so poorly advertised but from the mass of people that go, the word somehow gets out.

I can't seem to connect to the site link given by the council for the Asian mela this year:
The other link I had for the event never seems to be updated.
The following is from the greenwich gov events page:

SUMMARY: A medley of attractions including music and food

DESCRIPTION: A medley of attractions including bhangra music, games, fashion shows, Kabbadi, fun fair and delicious Asian food stalls

Asian Mela website

DATE: 27/06/2010

TIMING DETAILS: All day from 10am to 8pm

VENUE: Woolwich Barracks


This event is free of charge

Venue information

Woolwich Barracks
Ha Ha Road

AREA: Woolwich

Does anyone have any updated information on who is going to be playing at the mela and the stalls etc? Have you been in previous years...what's it like?

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