Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Keeping cool

I'd love to sleep outside in this weather but I'm afraid the slugs would try to eat me.
We have done the expected such as dressing minimally, having fans on but still the heat eats away at our sleep.

So has anyone got any good tips for keeping cool indoors.

Some tips for drivers would be good too as I've seen a few examples of blow ups which I've decided to attribute to the heat rather than general narkiness. Maybe all those England flags could some how be recycled into fans (by fans)?


PlumBun said...

Keep your curtains (or duvet covered window, ha ha) shut during the day to stop the sun blasting in, but keep the windows open.
Have cotton bed sheets (so put that black silky bedlined away)! and perhaps have a cold shower before bed and get a fan to at least circulate some of the air. Also make sure you have water by the side of your bed to cool you down (if drinking it doesn't work you can try throwing it over yourself)!! handy!

Emma said...

Yeah I find a rigorous program of shutting bedroom curtains and opening windows works well. I also make sure to open the curtains once the sun is no longer shining in lets the hot air which has accumulated out. We also only use a sheet on the bed at night. The noise from fans keeps me awake so I try to avoid using them wherever possible.

Hasn't been quite so bad recently though.