Sunday, 9 May 2010


This is my new toy and I love it!!! A soprano ukulele which Mr Plummy Mummy bought for my birthday last week.
I can't read music yet but I'm having lots of fun strumming and hoping that,Eric Clapton like, I can learn to play by ear. Emma has told me I just need to learn chords and I'm looking forward to a lesson from her. In return, she may get something nice and spicy to eat. The barter system is working but I recommend earplugs for a while if you are walking around the streets of Plumstead.
P.s. my knitting/crotchet craze is also going on so watch your feet in case you slip on errant bits of wool too.

1 comment:

Emma said...

I am going to send you a list of useful websites. When would you like your lesson?

I like the barter system very much. Especially when it involves food!!