Friday, 28 May 2010

East Greenwich Pleasaunce

Yesterday, I met a friend and her tots at East Greenwich Pleasaunce which is just off the Woolwich New Road. Parking was plentiful on Chevning Road where you can stay for 2 hours for free. Ample time for our excursion.

We were early so walked around the Pleasaunce and I had to explain what a grave is to my tot. I don't think she got it but to my relief, just carried on walking instead plaguing me with her current WHY, WHY, WHY???. The grave we stopped at was that of Rear Admiral Henry John May. I know nowt about the man but his grave with anchor was very distintive.
The Pleasaunce is a good mix of the dead and the alive. There is a under-5's centre with a great outdoor space. It's run by a welcoming lady called Joy, and is open from 1 to 3 every day of the week. On our visit there was a good mix of bods who were friendly. My only concern would be on rainy days as the centre indoor space was small. But they have a very large and well stocked outdoor area.
The Pleasaunce also has a separate children's play area and even an area that's dog free. Now dog-lovers, please don't jump down my throat as I'm just noting that's it good to have an area to put down a picnic blanket without worrying about dog poo. That's if you are happy to eat above interred remains. GULP! Luckily if you don't have a ready made picnic then you can visit the best thing about this park IMHO.... Pistachio's in the Park which is an eco friendly cafe that opened in 2007. Our snack of coffee, hot chocolate and millionaires's shortbread was very tasty.

I'm so jealous of the people who live near here as the now obsolete definition of Pleasaunce, "Source of pleasure", is most appropriate.


Steve said...

You can be jealous of me then - I go there with the littl'un at least once a week. The cafe is a beautiful oasis of calm amongst the mature trees, and Lizzie who runs it is very customer-oriented. Hence the children's toys to play with, and the potty and step in the toilet.

Plummy Mummy said...

OK , I'll be jealous of you :)
Is there a loo at the cafe as I didn't notice it. Howver the ones by the gates seem to be closed.
nce soon.
I think we will be going back there as tot was disappointed I didn't buy her a wooden toy :)

Steve said...

Yes, there's a single ladies and a gents (shiny metal doors) built in to the cafe building. There's a changing table in the gents (and I assume one in the ladies too).

PlumBun said...

Sounds fabulous. There seem to be a few of these little parks around with cafes, the Horniman has one and the park in Lee. Shuts eyes and chants for one in Plumstead...
There used to be what looks like a little cafe by the Winns Common playpark which I am sure could easily be restored and also by the Adventure Playground I am always amazed that there isn't one in there seeing as it is purpose built. It is a right little oasis of calm around there..