Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Couture Food Hall, 1 Cadogan Street, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6YS
Tel: 0208 317 4320

After our art trip on Sunday, we popped into Couture Food Hall as I wanted to get some veg and had never been there.
It's there clearly on the sign "Organic fruit and veg". But inside none to be found. Quick call the Trades Description bods...this place doesn't sell any fruit and veg! Apparently they used to but didn't make any money out of it. Now this surprises me as they are in the hidden, posh, Woolwich of townhouses and flats in converted old historical looking buildings populated by bods I don't think would step across the road to the real rough Woolwich except to get the DLR into town.
I have to admit if this foodhall deli was in London town centre, I'd be very disappointed at the lack of variety. Yes, some were interesting like the meal packs in the chiller and some of the sauces, but these were mixed in with the plain and ordinary like jaffa cakes. Also, it sold fresh meat which is of little interest to veggie me. But it isn't in town, it's in an area which has nothing even remotely close so judge it along those lines.
Another misleading sign we spotted was "Service with a smile" as we politely waited for a few minutes for the girl behind the counter to clean a spotless counter before she deigned to raise her oafish head and ask us what we wanted. But again to be fair, later on the charms of our tot worked on the other server and said smile was forthcoming.
The sandwich and panini were very nice, fresh and tasty. The coffee was also good - not like the rough Costa coffee. This was proper brewed java.
There were only 2 other customers in the cafe. So we had a choice of tables.
Whilst sitting there, I couldn't help but think the whole place should be converted into a cafe as the food on sale was not brilliant and this area is screaming for decent eateries esp. one where you can take a paper, maybe a drink (they have an alcohol license), have a lazy lunch and then saunter back to posh domiciles (OK OK I'm jealous!). And with the owning organisations background in catering, an evening of food demonstrations wouldn't go a miss or a taster menu. Given a choice between eating here or at the Firepower museum, I would choose here.
Finally, I big bonus for parents out there.... though small this place has a toilet with a baby changing table. That's was a pleasant surprise even though tot will be out of nappies soon, very, VERY, soon.

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PlumBun said...

I dislike this deli, mainly because it is souless when it could have been made into a prime shopping destination! I am interested to try out the new pub when it opens, not sure where in the Arsenal it is but it is due to open this summer I think.
Still not a walk away from home though so I will probably still end up in Greenwich or Blackheath and continue to fritter my pennies into their local businesses until someone opens up somewhere in PLUMSTEAD!!