Friday 24 June 2011

Circle of life and all that

Many years ago, everything was about school and getting exams, jobs and houses.
A few years later, everything was about marriages and babies. I was the last of my friends to get married and do the baby thing. It was a great reason to get together with friends and family.
Recently, my husband and I are at that age where the circle has turned to death. We have both lost aunts in the last year. On Facebook, every now and again, I hear of this friend or that losing someone close. Yesterday, it was the 5th anniversary of my father-in-law's passing.
Sadly, yesterday, one of my uncles also passed away. He had been ill for some time and lost the fight. I'm glad we haven't moved yet as I want to be there for my family. I wish my hubby was here too as it would be nice to have a hubby-hug.
It's hard to explain to a child why Mummy and Daddy are feeling a bit sad and about death - I haven't told ours as she wouldn't understand and I don't want to upset her. So, all she'll know is that we have to visit our large extended family for a get together. Sad, very sad. That's life though, isn't it and the circle will keep turning.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Daddy dearest

I love my Dad. I haven't always get on with him or agreed with what he said or did but he's MY Dad and I can't imagine another.
Having said that, I never ever thought much of Father's Day as it's a made up holiday as far as I'm concerned. Until 4 years ago, when a new Daddy was made. And he's the best Dad I've ever met. He's my husband.
I wish I had met his Dad as from what I hear, he and I had a lot in common (not least Tool Time!!). I would thank him for giving me my husband.
Happy Father's day to you all. If you Dad has moved on, then I send you a huge hug whether you were Daddy's little princess or Daddy's little soldier.
And if you never had a Dad, don't's a made up holiday anyway.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

New experiences Snake

So earlier this year I was talking about new experiences and today I did something I didn't think I would ever do - I touched a snake. The Rainforest Adventurers are doing the rounds of Greenwich schools bringing mini-beasts from the rainforest. Today it was the turn of my little one's nursery.
She wasn't going near any of the animals and half way through the session, she wondered off. But I stayed. We saw a giant snail (slimy ewwww), a cockroach (ewww), a centipede (ewww), a tarantula (in it's cage, so phew), a stick insect (awww cute) and a snake. It looked very similar to the image above with a lovely pattern of oranges. I was a bit freaked out at the flicking tongue but after touching it, I was less afraid. Having said that, I would NO WAY hold it. Some of the kids were incredibly brave and had every creature in their little hands putting me and a few other parents to shame!
The kids are so lucky to have such great experiences and I'm so lucky too. I just hope the animals weren't too scared.

P.S. The man doing the session is a Scot (yayyyy all Scots!!) as is the Rainforest Adventure company. So you may find that there is a strange man, dressed like a student on a year out to the wilds of the Amazon, staying in a hotel near you with some rather strange bed companions.

Event: 18th June Community Fete

I cannot believe it's that time of year again - seems only yesterday that the last fete was on!

Eaglesfield Park Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Community Fete:
Saturday 18th June
Time: 1.30 to 4.30pm
More than 30 stalls so should be good for a stroll along to if you have nowt else to do on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Woolwich in the rain

I HAD to get out of the house today. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to do indoors in Plumstead so [very unlike me] I decided to take the sprog and my mother in law for a walk in the persistent rain along the Royal Arsenal site this morning. We parked for free, yes FREE, in the Royal Arsenal carpark. Love parking for free. And would even have been happy to shell out 60p to park on a Saturday.
We walked to the Clipper boarding area to spot boats - damn I wish I had my camera as there was a tiny sailboat trying to sail inbetween the two Woolwich ferries. It was soooo dramatic. We also spotted a Firepower kids party out in the rain being shouted at by a soldier type. The little kids looked like they were having lots of fun.
Of course, after our adventure, a treat coffee was in order. We bypassed the Dial Arch and headed to Starbucks on Powis street (hoping it would be more affordable and have more child friendly treats). I was worried it would be rough but no, it was like every Starbucks everywhere in the world which was a relief. Coffee drank, a little wonder down Powis street in search of arts&crafts stuff for kiddo at the Works and Poundland. I wanted to visit the new Wilkinsons and the cheap pound shop on the corner but both kiddo and MIL looked rather bedraggled so we gave it a miss.
I was sad to see that the stallholders weren't around and replaced by lots of building work. Yet, despite this, I think Woolwich is tolerable in the rain when the normal "clientele" are no-where to be seen.

Event: 12th June Family Fun Day

Being at a loose end due to the market being closed, I may go along to this fun day (assuming the rain allows, although hopefully the rugby club will let people run indoors if the heavens open up)

Family Fun Day

Samuel Montagu Youth Clubs Playing Field, 122 Broad Walk, Kidbrooke, SE3 8ND

Date: Sun 12th Jun 11
Telephone: 020 8856 1126

With all sorts of free sports, dance and crafts activities, children's games and inflatables, and a tempting mix of craft and produce stalls, this fun day has something for all the family. Many schools and community groups will be attending to showcase their achievements. You can also pick up information on a range of local services.

12 Noon

East Greenwich Farmers Market

I was really looking forward to getting some local grub today so was going off to the East Greenwich Farmers Market. However [luckily] I was checking the opening times and with great sadness have noted that the EGFM is not on at the moment. The market had moved to Halstow school but unfortunately, could not drum up enough trade to keep it viable for the stallholders.
They are now looking into alternative sites.
How about Plumstead Common or Winns Common? I could easily see a market on either Common. OK, it may not be great for the people of East Greenwich but they could toodle off to Blackheath Farmers market.
I'm sure there are plenty of people round here that would like a pick of fresh cheese and veg and don't want to travel all the way to Blackheath or Eltham.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Lies, lies, lies

Think I've blogged about this before but hey ho, here I go again. I HATE the internet sometimes, especially when looking for reviews. Trying to find reviews on Estate Agents is difficult. And when you strike gold with a site that has a lot of reviews (the reviewcentre no less) you can't believe them as there is a polar discrepancy on opinions.
So it is really up to word of mouth. Which means we are going to go for an agent that was trying to persuade us to sell when we are better off letting out, because a mate has used them and found them to be OK.
When did "OK" start being a good reason to use a service.
End of rant.

P.S. I seem also to have broken Tesco's online shopping as the site is now as buggy as Sainsbury's. I should become a defect tester.