Saturday 28 November 2009

Christmas comes early

We took a walk around Plumstead today which was remarkably clean and leaf free...almost as if Autumn had not happened.
We popped into Roy's stores and saw they are full of Chrimbo decorations and had trees outside. Now I've been wondering all week if it's too early for mince pies and some good friends assure me that it isn't. But is it too early for trees...well not for a house behind Herbert road that has a beautiful tree. I was going to snap a picture but came to my senses when I noted the owner was sitting on his couch and might have been offended at this almost paparazzi-like invasion of his privacy.
Even it's too early, who cares. It's lovely to see beautiful decorations anytime of the year. And if anyone knows of any Chrimbo markets then please let me know as I love them.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

School days are the happiest

Tot started nursery this week. She settled in very well and didn't seem to miss me at all today when she spent 1.5 hours there. In fact, on both days she cried as we had to leave and today I had to chase her around the place just to take her out.
I've had time today to do knitting (boring maybe but it relaxes me and reduces the hands that I would otherwise devote to eating chocolate) and to watch two episodes of the excellent "In Treatment". I also had a few minutes where I was a bit upset about not being missed...the fact that she doesn't need me constantly is a shock but I'll get over it. I am so proud that she is able to settle in without too many tears.

Next week, I'll have a whole 8 HOURS to myself. I'm giddy with the thought of it. I've gone a bit kids art and craft mad so I'll have time to look up fun things to cut, paint, glue and glitter with her on the days she's with me.
Thanks to all who wrote encouraging notes to my earlier post about this.

Friday 13 November 2009

Dog owners...the parks aren't just for you.

I'm always amazed at how selfish dog owners who use the parks in this area are. Earlier this week, my amazement reached new heights as I walked with a friend and our tots in Shrewsbury Park.
We were on a leaf hunt to do some collages with the kids so were walking around the wooded area near the car park area. On two occasions, dogs come bounding up to us with no owners in sight. I'm not fond of dogs so had a bit of a panic snatching up my tot and blocking her from the dog. Amazingly, the dog owner didn't bother to apologise and even more mind blowing was another dog owner came up to me and said that the dog was harmless and wouldn't have hurt us. What is it about dog owners that makes them so blind to anyone else's feelings? There have been numerous stories of dogs who have attacked kids and adults. But this isn't the point. I have the right to walk around the park without some hound running at me and my kin.
On the second occasion, the dog ran up to my friend's tot and nearly knocked her over. This dog then went on to lick the balls of another dog....lovely :S Again, the dog owner did not apologise and just said that it wouldn't have hurt her. My friend was understandably upset that this genital licking mutt had jumped up on her 2 year old daughter.
I understand that dogs need to be out and about and am not suggesting they shouldn't use the parks. But god, I wish the selfish owners could all be locked up. We won't be going back to the park as now I fear that the tots may fall in dog poo or be mauled....and what makes me really sick is that that's probably what the mutt loving jobless gits want.

Sunday 1 November 2009


The Plummy Mummy household has been full of lurgies for the last few weeks. We have had our first wave of winter colds though I was convinced I had man flu as I could hardly move. On top of this we have been waiting to see if tot has got chickenpox as she was in close proximity to another tot who got the pox which has meant being confined in our movements.
All in all, we have felt sorry for ourselves as we have been hacking up our lungs and noting the colour of the stuff coming out. Poor tot hasn't learnt how to do this particular trick so ends up regurgitating her food.
The potential of pox means we have to avoid all preggers ladies and any recently borns. So I am considering carrying a bell and loudly declaring the presence of the tot as we walk around Co-op.
I've been peering at her skin rather closely to see if she has any tell tale far we have seen rashes but they aren't itchy. They also disappear so perhaps this is a case of projected pox psychosamaticism?
Hope we get better soon as boredom may bring out a severe case of the terrible twos...a fate which we have so far managed to avoid :D