Tuesday 31 January 2012

Pre-school sorted

Well, we are feeling mighty happy today as we have found a nursery place for our 4 year old. She's only been out of nursery since the end of December...but this holiday has gone on far too long for me! I love looking after her but I do value the few hours a day when she goes off to learn in the guise of play.
When we came to view this house, the agent told us many parents wanted to live in the area thanks to a highly regarded nursery/primary school. Obviously, mid year there were NO places at that school so the council gave us the option of a morning place at a Roman Catholic school or an afternoon one at a playgroup.
Hubby is not a Roman Catholic but was ambivalent about sending our kid to a R.C. school for fear that she would be made anti-Protestant. This sectarian thing is a bit complicated like that. Me, the Hindu, could not care less so it was a good thing the lovely lady at the council assured us the nursery was non-denominational.
We visited the playgroup and left feeling it was more suitable to younger children or those who had not been to nursery before. As our daughter will be heading to primary school this year, we felt a school environment was more appropriate. Today we visited the R.C. school - walked in to face a mural of the Saint the school is named for, and then past a wall display of the Papal visit, past sweet kids waiting to do P.E. into a bright and cheerful nursery. The teacher was very nice and not at all nun like ...probably as she wasn't one. After an initial shyness, our daughter spent our visit banging on a huge drum and generally very happy...at the end of the day that's the important thing. As soon as I got home, we sorted it out with the Council and now, I'm crossing fingers that she will be able to start soon. And phew for me....I'm well behind on my crafty-pursuits. Sorry I meant on my cleaning of course.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Toddler Club - Woodlands Farm Trust

Just noticed this on the BBC site. Nice that it's listed there :)
Toddler Club at the Woodlands Farms Trust

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Things that go bump

Remember those days where you met a lovely other half and got IT on at every opportunity available? Life would be one endless round of rumpy bumpy. You would happily/smugly be 5 minutes late meeting friends just to squeeze in a quick one. Any excuse really. Remember? One of the best excuses has to moving into a new house as every room had to be "christened". I mean EVERY room. Oh what fun. Sigh. That ALL changes when you have a kid in the house. Now, moving house means a few weeks (if you are lucky, months if you are not) of getting the child used to a new room, new wardrobes, new kitchen and snack cupboards, new sounds at night, a new street, possibly new friends.  And sleepless nights as said child has to be soothed at night. Especially if said child walks into Mummy and Daddy's new room and sees a sight children just should not see. Have added a trip to the local DIY shop for door locks on my list of To Dos.

Saturday 21 January 2012

[11th Feb '12] Interactive Jazz Concert

Hey all Greenwich residents, this hit my email box this week. I would love to go along with little one but it's a bit of a trek for us. Anyway, she would want to turn it into a ROCK concert as she loves ROCK (always shouted so hence the capitals). It's all for charity. Do make sure you check the website before going for any updates.

Saturday 11th Feb at 10:30 at St. Joseph's Church, 103 Pelton Road, Greenwich, SE10 9AN

Organised with the grateful support of Jools Holland all the profits from the first concert will be donated to Demelza's Children Hospice, a charity voted for by our Facebook followers! Henry, Tim and Anna from Boppin' Bunnies will be leading everyone in playing percussion and singing so come ready to participate!
More details on our website: www.boppinbunnies.co.uk.

Joy Neal from Blackheath Cooks & Munchkins Kids Cooking will also be coming on the 11th February to sell yummy treats/cakes at the end of our Interactive Concert for everyone who wants one!
The concerts are aimed at 4 - 9 year olds, and pre-school children & babies are also welcome. It is a family event for families with children of any age!

Cost £5 adults, £3 children on the door. Babies under 8 months free (the same as at our Boppin' Bunnies classes)

Anna and the Boppin' Bunnies team

Boppin' Bunnies




Thursday 19 January 2012

Live from Livingston

Well the boxes are nearly all unpacked. Just hundreds of CDs/DVDs, mostly Mr Plummy's,to go which need to wait for shelves. Part of me would like to chuck the lot but the other part likes going through the collection and finding something I haven't heard or seen before.
We like this house so much and feel incredibly at home. From the outside it is an ordinary grey box similar to the many others on the street. But unlike our place in Larbert which was pretty on the outside, this one is more "us". So it just goes to show - having a house full of character isn't always the right choice.
We aren't dealing with a persnickety landlady or dodgy electrics here so feel more confident making it a home to suit our needs and tastes. Of course we can't knock down walls or anything so extreme - holes for shelves is the extent of our house designing.
A bonus on our last day in Larbert was being told by my doctor that I don't have gallstones. As for the excruciating pain that I had suffered - the guess is it was caused by a virus that attacked my liver. Well I haven't had an episode for nearly 2 months and with the low fat diet (and a bastard of a cold) I lost weight over Christmas - yay me!
Maybe it's time for a new wardrobe? The town centre here is just a huge shopping centre so I should be all set. Oh but hold on, I'm so skint after Christmas. Where's that winning lottery ticket?

Wednesday 4 January 2012


For a certain generation of Londoners, the name Stephen Lawrence is rather powerful. What happened to him is the only reason I knew where Plumstead and Eltham were before I moved to the area - a large reason for my reluctance to do so. I cannot imagine how I would react as a mother if my child had been murdered and then his death had been handled in such a shameful way.
The names Doreen and Neville Lawrence are familiar to anyone who followed the case. However, it is Doreen who was perhaps the better known as she was often the one in public. Last night, we watched the Panorama documentary following Mrs Lawrence in the last year. I was surprised as I expected her to be some political animal [a la Bonfire of the Vanities] but that's not how she came across. In many ways, she is just an ordinary woman. And that's part of the tragedy - the Lawrences were just ordinary British people who's lives were torn apart in the most horrific way and who were propelled into the limelight to get justice in the most extraordinary way.
I hope that the verdicts give Doreen some peace and a few good nights sleep -  I imagine she will need that strength to continue the fight for complete justice for her son.