Sunday 28 September 2014

Judy's affordable vintage fair Edinburgh

I went along to the Assembly Rooms again today but this time it wasn't for a show, it was for the fun Judy's Affordable Vintage fair. I arrived around 1pm and though there was a very short queue, inside the hall it was packed. So much so that it was a little difficult to get to any rails.
I was more interested in kitchenalia but sadly though there were a few fab stalls, they didn't have any cooking equipment. I did spot some nice white and red plates being sold by Mabel on the Table though I was too lazy to buy them. I'll have to look her up and see if she still has them.
There were some ladies set up doing hair and make-up which was a great idea for anyone who was off out for the evening.
I was really hoping to find some lovely 50s style dresses. In my youf, I used to wonder around markets in Camden Town and Portobello Road looking at the gorgeous old stuff from that era.  Unforutnately, most of the stuff at the fair today was a bit too small for me. I asked one stall holder who told me that most vintage stuff comes in small sizes which amazed me when you think of the beautiful full bodied women from the 50s and 60s (Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and a tonne of Bollywood actresses). It was too crowded for me to look through all the racks but I enjoyed seeing the stuff and hope to go back if the fair comes back to town.