Saturday 29 September 2012


I had my first proper ukulele lesson today. A few years ago someone had tried to give me a lesson. It did not go too well and so with a heavy heart, I put the thing back in it's case and on top of the bureau. Each time we have moved, it's always been put in that same place. It's so sad to own an instrument for over 2 years and not play it.
Anyway, fast forward to this morning. A bunch of us in a freezing cold grim late 1970's school music room in West Edinburgh. First we tuned by ear. We were assured that we would soon learn how to do this well (note that we didn't do too well but it was only our first lesson). Then we learnt some chords.The teacher is very good and very encouraging, and luckily for me very tolerant of nervous wise cracks. We even did three songs. I cannot wait until the next lesson. I better practice as he assures us that while he can show us how to play, only we can really teach ourselves. I loved it.

P.S. Can someone remind me to chop my nails before I have a go again. It was a bit torturous trying to do chords with my claws out!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Falling at the first hurdle

Well kiddo is happy in school and I find myself with time on my hands. Some of this is taken up doing a course with the council that encourages healthy eating. But the rest of the time, when not doing housework (i.e. a lot of time), I've been looking for a job.
I've just done an online application for a mobile phone company to work in one of their stores. My answers indicated that I am not the kind of person they are looking for. I have lots of retail experience, used to regularly meet my sales targets and I used to work in the phone industry. The application didn't get that as far as that - I fell at the hurdle of an online scenario stuff. So my experience is entirely irrelevant.

This is not the first one I've done.

I'm a bit crushed now.
I'm kicking myself for giving up my job 5 years ago. Yes, my kiddo benefited from having me at home. Yes, this was a parenting choice we made as a couple. Yes, my hubby went on to get a great job with a good employer. Yes, I have learnt so much in those 5 years and have grown in a more rounded person.
I'm kicking myself for not having had a career plan 5 years ago (brain was a bit addled with new baby etc. but really that's not an excuse).
I'm kicking myself for not doing accountancy like my parents wanted me to do.
I'm kicking myself for not having skills that will make me an ideal candidate for the jobs out there.

I have experience. I have an education. I made the "mistake" of wanting to stay home to care for my child.

I'm locking the gin away as it's starting to look rather appealing and that's a really bad thing when it's not even 11am.

I have time on my hands. I'm going to put the kettle on, and get a biscuit. Chocolate really does make everything better. 

I know that I will eventually find a job that suits me and my employer. I have hope. I feel for those who have no experience, no education, no hope.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Indoor gardening

We have a garden where we are currently renting but I'm not really interesting in the garden as we may move before anything grows. I've got my pot plants out there which are doing well despite the wet weather. My limited focus on gardening has been on the stuff growing in our conservatory which is like a hot oven even on the coldest days. Judging by home gardening websites, I'm a shite gardener but I'm pretty chuffed with the strawberry and chili plants I have. They have some fruit. It's probably too late in the year and I daren't taste them (especially the strawberries which are kiddo's) but they are ever so pretty.