Friday 1 November 2013

The Original Plummy Mummy back again...

Well only briefly. Last week I was down in London with the kiddo and we stayed overnight at a lovely friend's house in Plumstead.
During the day, we met with another friend in Greenwich. God I miss the old place. We walked around the Cutty Sark, the Painted Hall and Chapel and had a quick visit to the Maritime museum (great new map on the upper floor) and a wee bit of Greenwich park. That night, there was going to be filming for the new Man from U.N.C.L.E. film so there were some great old cars around. Inside the Chapel, the volunteers told about the blue backdrop being made of curtains from the Queen's Coronation, about the medallions made of Coade stone which was manufactured in Lambeth by Eleanor Coade in the 1780s (yes, a WOMAN inventor) and about the ornate ceiling. The original Chapel was not at all ornate but after it burnt down and was rebuilt, it was made very fancy indeed. There is so much to see both in the Painted Hall and Chapel though I recommend not going with an impatient 6 year old who has a huge love for the Maritime museum and doesn't want to dally anywhere else.
It was great being back there, the sun was shining and I was relieved that (as far as I could see) Greenwich park had been restored post Olympics.Kiddo was very taken with the water feature in the grounds.
We had lunch at the Plumtree Cafe (241 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NB). What an utter shame that the owners never got this into Plumstead as they had originally planned as it would have been wonderful to have the cafe on the Common. The day we visited, everything was a bit hectic but I found out that some regular staff weren't there and so it wasn't normal service. The food was good and lunch didn't cost much so that was great. Kiddo loved it as there is a dedicated area at the back with a kids playhouse! Definitely worth going for a bit of nosh there.
After lunch, kiddo and I made our way to Woolwich Arsenal to catch the bus. Ah good old Woolwich never fails soon as we got off the train, we had a run in with not one, but two locals. Nothing changes huh! I do NOT miss these hideous encounters and find it shocking now that I live away from London. Luckily, a quick bus ride and we were in leafy, beautiful Autumnal Plumstead. First call was a mum who had just had a new cute as pie baby. Then we went to a friend's house to meet up with other mums and their kiddos we knew - it was so wonderful to catch up with old friends. It was topped off with a lovely dinner and beds in the attic. My friend's place is so different from mine - very arty Boho and just full of wonderful things to look at. I miss having coffees with her very much.
The next morning, we sneaked round to our old place to have a look and I was delighted at how well the garden has grown. Sadly, as the place has tenants I couldn't look around the inside. Probably best, as the visit had left me rather weepy for the old place.
All in all, it was fun being back albeit briefly. Some pictures below, in no particular order.
As for the "Original Plummy Mummy" above....well there is now a very big group of mums on Facebook with the name which is nice but please don't forget that I AM the original Plummy Mummy and though I may be away, I haven't forgotten about the old place.