Friday 19 December 2008

Doing the Plumstead Common Dash

School bells ring, are you listening,
In the road, cars are speeding
A pedestrian's right,
We're hoping tonight.
Walking in a Plumstead danger land.

Trying hard to stay calm,
Keeping baby from all harm
Mum puts her foot out, then the other
Walking in a London wonderland.

Shameless poetry I know but its fun trying to do the Plumstead common road dash. Despite 3 zebra crossings, we still have fun guessing whether cars will stop their 50mph dash so that we can cross to get to the recycle bins and take a walk around the park.

Wonder how the council would feel if I just lobbied the rubbish over the road and hoped to hit the opening of their bins? (mind you, not much hope of that as I always got picked last in school if you know what I mean)

Merry Xmas all.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Toddler schedules for new year!

As the hubby and I took a walk with the little one all snuggly in her babysnuggle blanket this sunny but frosty weekend, we started thinking what we should schedule the baby to do next year.

There is not much choice within Plumstead beyond the stay and play sessions (tues at the Slade are nice and convenient and usually toddler has fun). But we want to be harness her currently latent creative genius and wouldn't mind if she becaming a singing sensation (though not Xfactor material) so have been trawling postings etc for suitable classes. I currently take her to one in Greenwich but that's a bit of a post lunch dash and there is always the danger that lunch will be posted over the back of our car. Also, it kinda is carbon footprinting as we take the car. So we are looking closer to home. Maybe I will just set up with a picnic blanket, my pink plastic recorder and an acoustic guitar on the Common. Should be fun as I am currently tone deaf (I live in hope that the practice in the shower will change this sad fact).

In the meantime, her schedule is wide open and she has the fun of having unscheduled fun for now.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Hate for my first post to be a rant but I just have to say this....

Just witnessed the most atrocious behaviour in the local Asda. The shop was packed but a woman thought it's ok to leave her basket as a holder in the queue and continue shopping.

When she came back she tried to push in front of a lady with trolley and baby. There was a mass argument, the poor baby left crying as so called 'adults' shouted around her. Eventually the manager had to be called. But did the woman get evicted out of the shop???? NO. She was placated.

I'm going to avoid going to this shop in future as I don't want my tod seeing such stupid behaviour. In the run up to Xmas, someone needs to teach these stupid people how to do something as simple as queuing.