Monday 28 March 2011

To Do list of Local sights

A friend sent me a gorgeous picture of the Crossness Pumping Station which looks amazing. I've passed the sign for it countless times and always thought to go, but usually it's on the way to somewhere and soon forgotten. It's only open a few days a year and the next ones are 1st May and 26th June. I'll be sure to go.

Other local sights on my list of to-dos include:
Welling and District Model Railway Engines behind Falconwood station (Open Days 2011)
Swanley park (yes another with a train!) opening 2nd April
The inside of the Bingo hall in Woolwich just to stare at the Art Deco interiors
Belvedere Splash park (not Victorian / Art D) but still on the list!
The Fan museum in Greenwich

If you have any suggestions of other Victorian and Art Deco goodies around here, please do let me know.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Who's afraid of ....

I was very sad to read that Elizabeth Taylor had died. Easily one of the most beautiful women in film in her youth, I preferred her dark beauty to other [blonder] stars. She had a good innings though lasting until the grand Dame age of 79.

Happier memories too today as I wish Happy Birthday To YOU, Happy BIIIIIIIRTHDAY, to Akira Kurosawa who was born this day 101 years ago. Without him, I would not have the wonderful Seven Samurai nor a lot of films to look forward to enjoying when I retire (many of which star the excellent Toshiro Mifune).

Friday 18 March 2011

EVent: 2nd April Nearly New Sale

The lovely ladies who help run the Trinity Toddler Group are holding a nearly new sale to raise funds for the group. It's a great cause so if you have time, pop on buy. They are still looking for donations too, or if you would like a stall, please contact them.
P.S. Hope you can read the poster....had to convert it from an Apple doc :S

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Structures in the woods

On a walk with friends in Oxleas wood this gloriously sunny afternoon, we came across quite a few man-made structures. Has there been some sort of camping party in the woods. The most solid was the one above which the kids loved.
There was also a sunken square that seemed some sort of water feature. Does anyone know what it is?

Also came across some trees with parts of their barks removed. These could be the basis of some tree based sculptures if we could get a local artist interested (though may have to wait until recession is over as money should go to Park Rangers and not faffy art!)

Finally, the sunshine gave the whole area a lovely misty look. I can't wait to go back when the bluebells are around.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

What a nightmare!

Our 3 year old is currently suffering from nightmares. She is anxious when going to sleep about having to sleep alone and often wakes up. Last night after putting her back to bed for the 3rd time, she slept for half an hour and then let out the most godawful scream. Frankly it scared me shitless. It wasn't a night terror (as defined by the Great Ormond St/ NHS). It's a nightmare she's had before where she hears a loud bell. Last week, whilst staying with my sister in law, a late night visitor (i.e. someone at 8pm) rang the doorbell and left our tot in tears. I'm starting to feel rather guilty about jumping out at her every now and again, howling and scaring her!
Anyway, she ended up in the bed with me. Mr P.M. was in the living room to catch up on sleep lost to the previous night's nightmares.
The tut-tut-tittle-tattle-tutters out there will be saying I should have put her back into her own bed. Perhaps they are right but I'm not one to let a little 3 year old crying child go back to bed in terror. Plus as an insomniac myself telling her she needs to get back to bed and just fall asleep seems a bit hypocritical.
Are we failed parents? Are we helicopter parents? Who knows. Who cares. She managed to sleep. After reading on the site above that lack of sleep contributes to the problem I feel we are helping her really. I hope it won't be forever for both her, mine and my marriage's sake (which is rather dependent on night times cuddles from the other half). In the meantime, to help her on the way, I'll knit her a pair of sound proof ear mufflers to help her block out the sounds (even if they are only in her head). And for myself, buy make up to hide those ever increasing dark circles under my eyes.