Wednesday 7 September 2016

5 words I hate just now

Where are you working now?

Hated because I am not working. Hated because I don't feel I'm a full member of society. Hated because I'm not earning money which makes me feel more independent.

Hated because I've been waiting for a qualification to be updated so I can continue on learning. Hoping this will lead to a new job but reading regularly how those over 50 have some of the highest rates of unemployment in the country.

It's making me antsy. It's boring being out of work especially when the kiddo is at school.  But I'm thankful that I got to spend time with her this summer since the last two have been a manic juggling act of clubs, reliance on granny and Mr P.M. taking time off at a different time to me.
I've been thankful that I was able to spend some time in London with my dad / take some pressure off my brothers albeit for a very short time.

Feeling depressed and telling Mr P.M. that "I've not had a good day" - but getting no help. He can't help - he's working, he's happy, he thinks life is just dandy.

Feeling depressed as the gin looks rather appealing now. But with alcoholism in the family, that's not a route I'm going down.

Feeling utterly disgusted with myself as I had a job but I blew it. Was not the right job but I should have just sucked it up.

I know I will work again. I had a few days work over summer teaching in a kids' camp which was absolutely brilliant. And I'm studying again (yippee for books).

I am not working now.

Please don't ask me again as you can tell, it's affecting my mental well being but really you aren't allowed to talk about that in case a potential employer sees.

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