Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cave Austin / A&E Comedy

Last night I went on a rare night out with a bunch of other mums into Blackheath. We abandoned our plan to go to the Railway as it was open mike night there. Instead we went to Cave Austin which is a nice bright bar (7-9 Montpelier Vale, Blackheath, SE3 0TA tel 0208 852 0492) . There are comfy couches to sit on but no wine list... I think it's a work in progress as the guy behind the bar went and found me an A4 sheet to look at but by then we had already ordered a bottle.
The conversation inevitably included much talk of our tots, the lack of babysitters affecting our social lives and also what we did in our former lives. I wonder how many women in the UK are lost to industry each year because of the lack of flexible enough arrangements - we did jobs that were more than full time and couldn't see how to go back to that and still raise our tots.
We also talked about the need for a cafe in Plumstead where mums can go. Oh how nice it would be to have a place to go during the day with our tots for a nice coffee and cake.

Sometimes Plummy Mummy shouldn't be allowed out. It turned out there is a new comedy night in the basement of Cave Austin called A&E Comedy. The organiser kept coming to our table to tell us about it. It got annoying and off-putting. But after a few glasses of wine, I and friend ventured downstairs to have a look. We shouldn't have bothered as the MC was so rubbish he put us off the show. This was a true Accident and Emergency case. Even a healthy amount of heckling didn't get him off so we left. Later a wine fuelled Plummy arrogantly offered her services as who has had no training or experience of comedy believed she could instantly do this job. I should talk to my friend Rob who did a comedy course not long ago. I wish the MC hadn't been bad as I would have liked a bit of a laugh. I'll save it for Comedy on the Common methinks. If you are someone with more patience/tolerance then me, go along on Wednesdays then let me know if I should have stayed past Mr Mighty Crap.
As for Cave Austin I hope to go back there but hope they sort out their wine list and also have more food on offer than roasted peanuts.


Phoenix Mummy said...

I am glad Plummy Mummy went out as she entertained me!

Doctor Pangloss said...

I'd been to Cave Austin a couple of times and each time was pretty bad. The last occasion was so bad that I refuse to go there again.

I joined some friends for dinner at 8.30pm and was told that I was too late. Erm, 8.30. Half past eight. Too late for dinner? Never mind I said, so ordered a dessert. They had ran out of desserts. OK, I'll just have a nice pot of tea..... couldn't make this up......
.....they had run out of milk.

Appalling mismanagement. It could only get better.

Plummy Mummy said...

They are a restaurant?!? I didn't see any evidence and by your review Dr P, I'm not missing anything.

Thanks Phoenix. Must do it again soon.

RightOntheCommon said...

I am in talks about opening a coffee and cake shop somewhere along PCR - watch this space!!!

Plummy Mummy said...

Rightonthecommon....OMG how very exciting. I can't wait. Please please please be open at the weekends too and I guess for the people who work away from Plumstead, please be open at least to early evening.
I'm not great at making cakes yet, but I'm very good at scoffing them so I'll be there.

Doctor Pangloss said...

My evening meal at Fawlty Towers was a few years ago, so I guess the management must have seen sense and closed the kitchen since then.

Anonymous said...

Hmm last time I was there I also had a row about the length of time it took to make cocktails..Seriously what a place. Also have you ever met the owner. He tried to chat us up one night, he's about 60 and a proper criminal (probably lives in Plumstead, I bet he hangs out at the Ship)!

Adam Preston said...

Hi Guys - apologies for the bad time had by all at Cave Austin in February. The guy running the show had a nervous breakdown shortly after this and is now in Australia recovering. We have relaunched the club and I can assure you that the MC will not be rubbish and you will see some very fine new comics. This Wednesday we have a particularly fine line up including three of the funniest female comics to emerge on the circuit in recent years and the wonderful Rich heap who is tipped to be the next big star of stand up.

To make up for your bad experience I will personally see to it that anyone using the code phrase Plummy Mummy will get 2 for 1 entrance at this week's show and it will be a pleasure to welcome you back to the club.

The bar was a bit shambolic but a huge effort has been made to improve things which I think you will notice straight away. But on Wednesday nights cave Austin is all about having a laugh and I can guarantee you that.

Bookings line 07828911353

Best wishes

Adam Preston