Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I bumped into my neighbour yesterday who was out of sorts...the problem was Autumn - yet for all the reasons she didn't like it, I love it.
I adore the changing colours in all the trees and plants, the crisp sunny days where you can wear a light woollen coat and boots without being bundled up like the Stay Puft man as you would in winter. It's an absolutely amazing, fun, invigorating time of year.
This morning, we were back shopping in Eltham. After a rather dour walk around the high street, I was happy to walk back to our car and pass lots of shrubs with different coloured berries; blues, reds and whites.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera but back at home snapped these shots. The pine cone is from a beautiful fir tree in Wesley Close, Eltham (it's a windfall cone, I didn't steal it honest gov).
The berries are from a shrub I'm growing. The birds aren't keen on the berries but maybe if we have another harsh winter, and there is nothing else around, they will be happy to nibble on the purple delights.

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