Monday, 27 September 2010


Fineways / Daddos
I went along to Plumstead High Street yesterday to get some groceries. Haven't been for a few weeks and certainly not on a Sunday for a long time. I normally go to Superfruits but have been recently put off by their cash only and no breaking the ginger policies. I mean the only way to tell if ginger is fresh is to snap a bit off. 

Anyway. Back to the High Street. It was around 11am. The streets were really clean, there were a few people about but not the usual mob. My first stop was Fineways. The last time I went in there for spices a lot of the stuff was near it's best before date. This time around, everything was fresher, had end dates well into 2012 and best of all they had nearly everything I wanted. Also as I was without tot, the tiny aisles weren't an issue. Normally I have to park her somewhere and then die of shame as she panic and starts shouting out for me as she can't see me.The last time we were in Fineways she kept saying very loudly and very often that the shops we were visiting were very smelly.
I popped into Daddos too and was surprised at how big it is now. Again very clean. Their spices were a bit more expensive than Fineways but I got the bonus of looking at their yummy sweet counter (I abstained...the lo-chol regime is in full swing).
I still think the veg in both stores is a bit old so usually give it a miss however, Fineway's ginger was fresh and has now been grated and put in the freezer ready for the next ginger enhanced recipe.
On the way home I popped into Tesco and just had to laugh at their little aisle of Indian groceries. Typical big store trying to compete (and crush) the little guy. 

Last weekend we ordered a take out from Dilkush. When I first moved here this was the takeout of choice but it went downhill and we gave it up. It must be under new management and has a spanking new hygiene award too. We ordered via the Just Eat website which was simplicity itself. My vegetable jalfrezi and saag paneer were delicious. and hubby enjoyed his lamb karai. The rice was cooked exactly as I like it (a bit sticky and not all hard, separate grains). The naan and paratha could have pulled out my remaining teeth so we left those. I guess the issue with ordering it online is that you can't state any preferences regarding the heat of your dishes but I'm not complaining as the food was great. One note though: Allow plenty of time as the order took over an hour to arrive. Not an issue for us as we ordered bang on 5pm.
Whilst it would be great to have a Waitrose and upmarket restaurants or some such near the high street, these last few encounters have left me pleasantly surprised and full of hope for the high street.


Katja said...

Thanks for this restaurant review! I live near the common and have been wondering whether the Spice Island is any good? Have you tried that one out?

Plummy Mummy said...

Hi Katja,
Yes I have tried the Spice Island and I'm afraid I cannot recommend it. Have you tried Ruchita which is up on Shooters Hill.
Of for Thai/Chinese, try Hot Wok which is on Herbert Road.
Oh I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

I like Spice Island, aslong as you are not looking for "real" Indian food. It's always freshly cooked,large portions and a reasonable price.

Emma said...

I'd recommend Ruchita too. Will give the 'just eat' thing a go, though.