Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Software for toddlers

Tot started at nursery last week and one of the most exciting things for her is the huge electronic whiteboard that shows what she is doing on the computer. I'm surprised they managed to prise her free of this to let other tots have a go as she's a computer hog!
Obviously she wants the same at home but there is no way we are getting a e-whiteboard. So instead, I've been hunting for some [free] software for her to play with.
So far I've come across the following which are great fun.
Tuxpaint: Windows Paint is too complex for my tot so I downloaded this. However, even it may have a few too many tools for her right now but as she grows she'll want to use more.
Tonematrix: I love the audio game for myself. It's simple, won't teach her any music but lets her have fun.

I'm going to have to enable the browser's child security soon but for now, she's not allowed to play on her own so we are safe.

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