Friday, 19 March 2010

Anyone got a spare £4500?

I'm not really into kids parties so for year 1 we did a small cupcake at home and presents. For year 2 we ventured down to Whitstable and it was a windy but very lovely, stress free day. Tot hits the big 3 this year and may, if she is very lucky, get a party. So in an idle moment while waiting for my chocolate and banana cake to cook (thanks Nigella, it was dead easy to make and even easier to chomp up), I decided to have a look online for party ideas.
TimeOut has this list of ideas for sleepovers: Museum sleepovers
I really like the one for Hamleys, has anyone got a spare £4500 to give me?
There are other ideas in Timeout which are more affordable.
The Netmums site includes comprehensive coverage of the area: Parties
A bizarre list can be found on VisitLondon for the Best Birthday Parties for Kids in London...even though I love spicy food, I'm not sure I'd take a group of toddlers,by far the most fussiest of eaters, to an Indian restaurant. And after my horrific childhood memories of London Dungeon, that's a total no-go zone for me.
London for Kids for Parties in London has a more sensible list and the idea of little 'uns being dressed as pirates really sounds fun.
Have to say it all sound very exhausting (and expensive). Maybe if she is very lucky, she'll get a party when she's 16 and in the meantime will have to make do with home made cupcakes and trips to the seaside.


Cheerful One said...

I can't think of anything better than cupcakes and trips to the seaside, frankly.

Emma said...

Neither can I ;)

Doctor Pangloss said...

I'm going to check out this place in Stratford called Discover. Looking at their website, it looks pretty good fun. They're closed for a refurb at the moment but open again 10th April.

Here's a link to their party page.

Anonymous said...

Discover's great fun. The playground's free but you have to pay to go in. Lots of activities, dress up box, music, etc when we visited. I'd def recommend it.