Monday, 8 March 2010

Bookstart goodies

A friend reminded me about Bookstart the other day. We had the first pack which is the canvas bag with books appropriate for the 7-9 month old. This was given to us by our health visitor. But we haven't seen a HV for ages so have missed out on the next 2 packs.
Luckily in today's arts&crafts session at Slade I was able to get the 3rd pack for our tot which comes in a lovely treasure chest box. There were a couple of books inside, some colouring pencils, a pad of blank paper and also a handy guide to books for parents. In our Royal borough, you can get the free Bookstart packs from the libraries, early years centres or the health visitor.
For more info check out the Bookstart page.


PlumBun said...

The Slade library has a stash of Bookstart packs. They have the 2nd pack which is the one you are missing. They come in a waterproof satchel bag in a variety of colours. Just ask at the desk (I only know this because I overheard someone else asking, nothing like publicising the fact)!

Plummy Mummy said...

You know, I asked for it but when they said it was for 18 months old, gave it back and took the one for 3 year olds (the treasure chest).
Were you at the Arts and Crafts session on Monday?

PlumBun said...

It is quite good, my son loves the Dragon book that is in it, in fact it is his favourite at the moment. It also has some crayons (you can never have too many, I have them stashed in handbags, the car etc) although I have noticed some swirls on the back of the car seat so perhaps this isn't the best idea!
No I haven't been to the A&C session, in fact I haven't been to the library much recently. I always think I must go but I tend to buy a lot of books (for son and myself) and given that his enthusiasm often ends in them being dog eared and worn it is probably best that they are ours and not the libraries!