Saturday, 20 March 2010


So far this morning we have had a leaflet deliverer for an Indian on the high street, some hapless Jehovah's witnesses and a Tory canvasser.
It's only 11 and we aren't even dressed. Do you think these people have a perverse desire to see people in their pjs or are the rest of Plumstead up, washed and dressed already?
Needless to say we didn't open the door to any. It's kind of fun watching how long they will stand there with a bemused/embarrassed/silly smile on their faces before they give up the ghost and leave.
I'm going back to bed with a cuppa.


Raven said...

What? Go back to bed with a cuppa? Howdya do that with children around? I wish I could manage that! They always seem to find me and dive-bomb me, my peace forever shattered.

Plummy Mummy said...

Normally I take tot with me. Didn't get round to it in the end as I felt the need to wash having finally got my bathroom back (had new windows put in).
Nap time later. She'll come with me. I'm setting up terrible sleeping habits for her but for now, I need my naps so don't care.