Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Etiquette and builders

We are having some work done in our humble home. The builder doing the work is very diligent.
On his first day here I offered him a cuppa but he doesn't drink hot drinks. Since then, I've not offered any more. This lunch time as my hubby, child and I tucked into our meals, I was in a quandary over whether to offer him some food. In the end, thanks to an upbringing where guests are always offered food, I offered him a sarnie even though technically, he's not a guest.
What's the correct etiquette here? Tea and biscuits, a full lunch, a party to celebrate his accomplishments at the end of the job? As usual my first port of call was Google which led me to the British Etiquette Revival site but alas, there was no help there. And I really don't want to resort to a Debrett's guide to etiquette or good manners.
Until I find some definitive guidance, I'll just offer drinks and food and if it's refused, not worry.


Emma said...

I'd never offer a builder food. I'd always offer tea, but I find that they almost always refuse. My current builders are entirely self sufficient.

What are you having done? We're still living in a building site, but we have lights in the bathroom now, at least. Doors promised by Friday.

Plummy Mummy said...

New windows put in kitchen and bathroom. Latter in readiness for a new bathroom later this year. I've never had a new bathroom so am very very excited.

Unknown said...

My partner and I have argued over tipping/not-tipping tradespeople as well.

Having recently spent nearly 2 grand on having a new boiler I didn't feel any need to tip the guys (who were excellent). Wifey was horrified.

PlumBun said...

I have never tipped builders/tradesmen but have always offered to write them a reference if the work they did was good. I always show them where the tea and coffee is and leave biscuits out and ask them to help themselves.

Steve said...

Cups of tea at most.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Tea & biscuits, but not premium brand ones like Duchy or Daylesford as I feel such fine snacks wouldn't mix well with saw-dust on the taste buds. Also, they're bloomin' expensive.

Plummy Mummy said...

Tea it is then.

Dr P - bit posh eh?