Monday, 1 March 2010

Art and craft supplies around Plumstead

Although I like to buy online, the recent bad weather has meant that we needed to replenish our stores of art and craft materials a lot more frequently so tot and I have been making trips to local shops. If we keep having today's sunshine, I won't have to do so. But in the meantime here is a list of shops where I have bought supplies that you may find useful. I would be grateful if you could let me know of any other such stores within a short walking/driving distance of Plumstead:

Annie's party shop - we have bought ribbon here for use in crafts but it's really for party gear than cutting up.
Phoenix trader - our local phoenix trader has a selection of cards but also paper and ribbons that can be used for crafts. Definitely worth a call.

Charlton Peninsular Retail Park - free parking. Avoid this place at the weekend!
Whsmiths - good for crayola and some papers but a tad expensive. Excellent selection of stickers that keeps tot happy for hours.
Smyths - another good place for crayola but was disappointed they didn't have chunky chalks. Also they tend to put things on high shelves which is not good for a shorty like me.
Office World - have a surprising if small collection of art things for kids. Also found they were cheaper with some items than Smyths.
Lidl - last week had acrylic paint and boards for sale. I also bought some crochet and knitting needles there plus some cheap wool. These are great for beginners who don't want to spend a lot - I bought packs of 100% cotton wool for £3.49 each and a giant bundle of acrylic wool.
Matalan - the party shop is good for confetti which we use instead of glitter, and also cheap paper cups and plates for painting. There is also a store in Erith

Thamesmead - free parking
Wilkinsons - I have a lot of time for Wilkinsons as they stock a wonderful selection of art/crafts things for the kids. I have had some fun making the animal masks bought from there. Also again sell cheap bright acrylic wool and a limited selection of knitting needles. There is also a store in Erith.

Eltham - parking at Sainsbury's charged.
Early Learning centre - a small branch where you can find lots of art stuff for kids.
Whsmith - if you need to go upstairs, it's best not to have a pram with you as there is only a staff lift

Bexley shopping mall - parking charges apply but low.
Early Learning centre - a large branch with very helpful staff. We found the much sought chunky chalks there for a bargain price.
Rymans - a surprising find. We got art aprons for a ridiculously low price here
The mall also has a selection of bargain book shops one of which sell art supplies but I've forgotten the name!

Bluewater - free parking?
John Lewis - excellent selection of wools and needles. Craft supplies can be expensive though

Crayford - Tower Retail Park - free parking
Hobbycraft - went for the first time last week. This is simply heaven for me and I could easily spend lots of dosh in there.


Annaleah said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, there is a shop in Belvedere called Yarnia, its new so has more stock arriving most of the time, they sell mainly wool and fabric, address is 18 nuxley rd, belvedere da17 :)

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks for that. Have in fact visited with another blogger!
It's a nice shop and I'm sure I'll go there at some point for supplies.