Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Undesirable freebies

It's nice to get freebies. When you walk around supermarkets, you may be plied with food. Or in stores like Debenhams, there may be someone demonstrating the latest JML type gizmo, which will lead to a giveaway. Mums and mums-to-be often get freebies of baby products, particularly nappies and washing liquid.
I am all in favour of chocolate or crisp type freebies.
I am not in favour of the Daily Mail being delivered free with my tesco shopping. I gave it back. Wonder what the driver will do with it?
Have you received any desirable or non-desirable freebies.


Emma said...

Tesco seem intent on offering the Daily Mail free. Another friend of mine also gives it back.

I got a freebie of two sim cards the other day. What would I want with those??

PlumBun said...

Why did you give it back? I love the DM! Ocado give you the Times.
The only freebie I don't really agree with (although I love a freebie)is some of the stuff that is sent out by charities with their DM. Not what I want my donations going on...

Steve said...

Slightly off-topic but your post reminded me of when I was a paper boy (aged 14). It annoyed me that the Daily Express had a little slogan at the top corner on the front page saying "The Voice Of Britain". I dutifully tore that little bit off every paper I delivered for weeks until someone complained!

Plummy Mummy said...

Emma - the sim give away is so odd.

PlumBun - I agree with the charities thing. I stopped donations to actionaid as they sent out far too much mail and giveaways.

Steve - hilarious!