Monday, 29 March 2010

A&E Comedy update

In February I wrote about Cave Austin/A&E Comedy. The comments on that post suggested that I was not wrong in my review of the place/comedy night.
I'm not keen for this blog to be a source of advertising unless it's for mates. I'm also not keen on my rare nights out with the girls to be wasted on bad adventures.
HOWEVER, if I review somewhere and those comments are taken on board, I kinda feel I should give the organisers the benefit of the doubt. So A&E bod has got back to us, rather tongue-in-cheek methinks but he is promoting female comics and that's a good thing. See below.
If you have some time on your hands, and want to risk it then please let me know if it was any good.

"Hi Guys - apologies for the bad time had by all at Cave Austin in February. The guy running the show had a nervous breakdown shortly after this and is now in Australia recovering. We have relaunched the club and I can assure you that the MC will not be rubbish and you will see some very fine new comics. This Wednesday we have a particularly fine line up including three of the funniest female comics to emerge on the circuit in recent years and the wonderful Rich heap who is tipped to be the next big star of stand up.
To make up for your bad experience I will personally see to it that anyone using the code phrase Plummy Mummy will get 2 for 1 entrance at this week's show and it will be a pleasure to welcome you back to the club.
The bar was a bit shambolic but a huge effort has been made to improve things which I think you will notice straight away. But on Wednesday nights cave Austin is all about having a laugh and I can guarantee you that.

Bookings line 07828911353

Best wishes

Adam Preston"

p.s. I don't think he'll get many people quoting PlummyMummy as I don't think my audience is that huge!


Raven said...

Hey, well done!

Anonymous said...

that's great tho that he has responded and Rich Heap is great. I really liked Cave Austin at one time so hope they are giving it the renewed energy it deserves. I am drinking in Blackheath this week so I shall pop in. I always used to start there because of the seating outside so perhaps that is where I shall start my adventures!