Thursday, 4 March 2010

Going potty

A few weeks ago we told the nursery we wanted to get tot out of nappies then proceeded to ignore their advice and continue using pull ups.
This week, they took the bold step of removing the nappy while she was at nursery. She had an accident but seems to have taken it calmly. Initially, I was jealous that they had done something that I should be doing but now am very grateful as without that little push, I would have continued with the nappies. I think I want her to stay a baby esp as the likelihood of us having another is getting slimmer with each passing month.
So now armed with lots of easy-wash, easy-wear trousers, knickers, potty, splash mats, toilet seat, and kiddies toilet paper we are ready to go. I even bought a reward chart but fear I've overcomplicated it. The rules are:
For sitting on loo or potty = 1 tick
For doing a pee = 2 ticks
For doing a poop = a big star
If she collects a certain amount, she gets a treat which is so far unnamed (I haven't sorted that out!)

She just wants to write all over it every time she looks at the potty. Looking doesn't count - just ask anyone who stands open mouthed in front of nice cake shops or in front of fashion shop window displays.
So far we have been having quite a few accidents but it's fun trying to run to the potty or loo in time. She will get it eventually I'm sure. In the meantime, I'll keep nappies for bed time and the washing machine on standby. Oh and the portable potty will have to wait as I'm not brave enough for her to get out doors without a nappy's too cold anyway to have a wet bum.


Emma said...

I heard a thing on the radio that a mum has invented a non-spill portable potty. Obviously i can't remember anything useful like her name/its tradename.

In the meantime I am here to tell you not to use Ecover laundry liquid. It's useless!

Plummy Mummy said...

OK will not use Ecover. We seem to be doing OK so far with Persil non-bio except tot has now got eczema on her knees (I'm trying to convince myself that it is NOT caused by the pee she keeps doing in her trousers)