Thursday, 18 March 2010


You have to learn to let go of many things as a parent. Pristine walls and carpet. Date nights with the partner. Being able to watch a film, take a bath, eat dinner, talk to mates on the phone let alone face to face without interruption. Once potty training starts, being able to go to the loo without interruption. One of the hardest of late in Plummy Mummy household is the strictly maintained separate playdoh colours.
It got bad...I wouldn't let tot play with any of the newer colours except one by one in order to maintain the pretty colours. Then realised the pure selfishness of this. Afterall,
a) I bought the dough for her,
b) it didn't cost so much and,
c) it's a learning experience as she now asks where Blue is and I've told her that it's gone for ever merged with Yellow to become a rather unpleasant Green. She's dealing with loss rather well for one so young I think.
Mind you, she's not playing with any of it while she's germ ridden as I don't want to get come across THAT particular green when building my dinosaur robot thingie.


Emma said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha that's brilliant!

Does this mean that if I had a child I'd have to let them keep their colouring pencils out of strict colour order? Oh no!

Doctor Pangloss said...

Keep the Playdoh away from carpets. I believe the two are inseparable.

Plummy Mummy said...

Emma - you may be able to convince the child that colours are only pretty when arranged like a rainbow.

Dr P - so very very true.Have lost a playdoh ball somewhere in the front room which is bound to surface underfoot, stuck to the carpet at some very inopportune moment. Sigh